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TOOL KIT for DP Yoga Videos

1 mat1 strap1 bolster2 blocks2 blankets

(1 household chair & wall space)


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Which videos are right for me?  

When utilizing this video library, it is helpful to have some orientation to your own body's basic patterns and tendencies.  Go to DP's video guide for assistance; go to the complete list of video descriptions


Nothing replaces one-on-one in person  

These videos are a resource for your home self-care ritual, but there is no replacement for working with a professional who understands body structure and physiology.


Safety first  

Proceed with caution.  Please be aware that various conditions may contraindicative to any kind of yoga, exercise, or therapy, and consult with with a relevant professional.


This library is a tool.

These videos do not claim to be "cures" for "pathologies." This library is a resource intended to teach you helpful, effective, safe tools to incorporate into your self-care ritual.  In many cases these asanas and sequences have proven to be effective in reducing pain and improving several body conditions.  


"Where you think it is, it ain't!" 

-Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  Symptoms occur where pain is simply manifesting; the real issues probably involve many other areas of the body, even if it seems unlikely.  Think holistically: work on your whole structure.


What you do and how you do it

Just "making shapes" is not enough.  What matters is how you are activating and engaging your body.



Inversions are among the most powerful and therapeutic poses in yoga.  Decompression Videos do not include inversions because it is essential that you receive in-person training.



Your yoga practice can bring you into balance.          Increase flexibility exactly where YOU need it, cultivate strength exactly where YOU need to.  Without awareness of personal body patterns and how to work with them, attempting yoga asana can reinforce imbalances and do more damage than good.  Work with your personal body tendencies and eliminate the root causes of symptoms like pain, stiffness, immobility and instability.

Fascia is the connective tissue which wraps around and envelopes and weaves through every body part.  When employing informed ways of activating and engaging in asanas, restricted fascia gets stretched that isn't normally accessible.  Asanas become the vehicle for unwinding and dissolving residual fascial tightness, shortness and misalignment.


get to know your body constitution and work with it! 

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Medicine for Neck and Shoulder Tension, Adv Beg, 15 min

Medicine for a Deep Lumbar Curve, Intermediate, 15 min

Medicine for Lumbar Compression, Beginner, 15 min

Asana Sample: Downward Facing Dog with Chair

Asana Sample: Lower Body Opening

Asana Sample: Arm Stretch at the Wall

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DP Video library includes sequences for:

lower back pain

upper back pain

neck pain


lower spine compression

tight hamstrings

tight outer hips

tight groins

tight calves

deep lumbar curve

sacro-illiac joint pain

sciatica pain

tight or weak psoas



forward shoulders

neck and shoulder tension

tight chest

shoulder immobility

weak core

supinating feet

pronating feet

bow legs

recovery from hours at a computer

and more!




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